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A Junior’s Perspective: Marketing and UX Design

Please note: What I am writing here is NOT information I am advising people to take, they are simply thoughts I have in my head that I’d like to communicate and receive constructive feedback on. Take what I say with a grain of salt and feel free to criticize! Today’s topic is Marketing and UX.

Hello there everyone! A Junior’s Perspective is a new series of blog posts that I’ll be starting where I explore several thoughts as I continue down the UI/UX career path as a Junior. The reason I have decided to start this is simply due to 2 reasons: One being that I want to continuously learn and improve. Putting my thoughts out there gives me the opportunity to receive feedback, and that’s always invaluable. Second, as a Junior, I am always looking for content other Juniors have created, whether to hear out their thought process, or just learn a thing or two I might have missed. Today’s topic is Marketing and UX Design, inspired by real work environment.

A Junior’s Perspective: Marketing & UX Design

Working at a startup is a roller coaster of emotions, you are never really sure if you are advancing as a Junior, whether it’s because there isn’t an established design team, or because there isn’t an established hierarchy. The list goes on. One thing I have learnt from working at a startup is that management has the final say – you might have spent hours ‘perfecting’ your design, carefully laying out your sections in hopes to increase conversion, going over the several intricacies, but your boss watched a 5 hour course on how to increase conversion through the use of visual cues and all your work just doesn’t comply with what the author of that course said. Granted, while this isn’t a representative of a lot of startups, it is where in the part of the world I live in.

Can bad UX lead to low conversions?

I think after reading the question and staring deep into the distance for a while, you’ll find the answer in the question. A potential client has just landed on your website. They’re constantly being bombared with popups, inconsistent experience, and bad design. That’s a lost lead. Low conversions. Why would a lead convert if the very same promises you make are broken on your own website?

Should Marketing have a final say in a product’s UX?

Startup or not, Marketing usually has a strong say when it comes to design. This is visible in a lot of big companies such as Electronic Arts. Be it their constant push of DLCs, horrendous support, or just bad choices in a lot of their flagship titles. Similar to Electronic Arts, if you choose sales over a consistent experience, you are giving up customer loyalty. Marketing may bring in sales, but what I have found to be true is that they do not often think long-term, and by long-term I am talking at least 5 years. If you are a brand promising a great product, an amazing customer support, continuous updates, I believe you are setting up yourself for failure if Marketing dictates what features exist where. Again, I have found this especially true in startup settings.

How about design? Should Marketing have a final say in the design?

Unless Marketing has tested a certain design and has the numbers to support said design, no, I don’t believe Marketing should have anything to do with design. They may object to certain elements of the design, such as a product mock up, but not the overall design.

Overall, in start up settings, I feel like management usually likes to stay in control and not give their employees the freedom their jobs would usually entail. After all, they have started everything from scratch, and have been surviving ever since. This is not a mentality I endorse, but can understand. Let me know your guys’ opinion in the comments down below or on Twitter.

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