Best Free Fonts for 2019

Finding a good font isn’t always easy. You are always looking for something new that hasn’t been used before. Sometimes, that is available in the form of a font that costs way too much. While the price might be justifiable for some people, new and aspiring designers are looking for something to get their portfolio out in the real world. That’s why we have curated a list for some of the best free fonts for 2019. (Make sure to skip the introduction to fonts for the free fonts).

Introduction To Fonts

First and foremost, let’s get to know the types of fonts there are. P.S, there’s a lot, but we will go over the most common ones.

  1. Serif Fonts are fonts that are similar to Times New Roman and Courier New. They are recognized by the small line attached to the ends of each letter. Some of the most popular fonts in this category besides the previously mentioned ones are Helvetica and Proxima Nova.
  2. Sans Serif fonts are serif fonts without the serif features. One of the most popular fonts in this category would be Roboto.
  3. Display fonts are intended for display purposes. These fonts are generally used in headings and are generally more ‘artistic’ than the 2 previous categories. An example of this would be Lobster.
  4. Handwriting is really self-explanatory.

Best Free Fonts for 2019

  1. Morganite by Rajesh Rajput
best free fonts

2. BARON by Frank Hemmekam

3. AVENTURA by Jimmy Kalman

4. Coves by Jack Harvatt

5. Geomanist by atipo

6. Potra by Alejo Bergmann

7. Tuesday Night by Font Forestry

best free fonts

8. Oranienbaum by TypeType foundry

best free fonts

These are only some of the great fonts out there, also make sure to check out our website’s main page for more fonts and other resources. Make sure to subscribe to our newsletter so you do not miss out on any new resources!

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