5 Stunning Graphic Design Portfolios for Inspiration

You are just starting out as a graphic designer, that’s great! It’s never too late. One of the first tips we have for you is to start working on your graphic design portfolio, or graphic design portfolios, as soon as possible. It’s basically your resume. It showcases some of the best work you have done, and why you chose the art direction you went with. That’s also one of the points we believe many graphic designers miss, explaining their though process. That’s great, your design looks amazing, but why did it turn out this way? Is there a certain methodology you used? One of a designer’s most prized skills is presentation. If the logo is the product, then your presentation is the package.

Here are 5 stunning graphic design portfolios we have found.

  1. KOUN YAGI Portfolio
kuon yagi graphic design portfolio

This one is our favorite, hence being the first spot. Scroll jacking is not usually our cup of tea, but with how this website flows, we do not really mind it. It gives you a second or two to take in the animations and just how beautifully lay out the website is. Moreover, you get a snippet of their thought process, nothing too detailed, and nothing too little. This is a great example of a person with multiple skill sets.

2. Alex Coven Portfolio

alex coven graphic design portfolio

Simple and to the point. You are greeted with a quick introduction and then quickly shown to their projects. Each project is well detailed and includes high quality pictures of their process. There really isn’t any need to go overboard with your portfolio.

3. Peter Komierowski Profile

peter kemierowski portfolio

Can you guess what this portfolio showcases? If your answer is yes, then the portfolio has achieved its purpose. This portfolio showcases the designer’s branding and logo work in, again, a very straightforward manner. He has worked with multiple big companies. These include the NBA, and YouTube. He is currently working as a Lead Designer at Turtle Inc.

4. Lotta Nieminen Portfolio

lette nieminen portfolio

You have probably noticed a theme with the portfolios we are featuring. They are all simple. Straight to the point. This one is no exception. Check out the link and you will understand what we mean.

5. Michelle Line Portfolio

michele portfolio

Michelle Lin’s portfolio takes a more personal approach. Her introductory paragraph is quite lengthy, but you get to know more about her work through it. She showcases some of the work she has done for Reddit and talks more about herself in her blogs.

We have some articles on resources you can use to help you get your portfolio up quicker. You can view some of the best fonts, illustrations, and more web design inspirations over at our blog.

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