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Marketing Examples is a curated list of marketing case studies created by Harry Dry. As someone who isn’t very keen on reading blog posts, I found that this website made it a breeze to read through the articles without feeling as though it’s a chore. This is partially due to good UX design, with the other being good copy.

What makes good UX design?

In this article by Google, good UX is when a user is able to do what they want to do when interacting with your business. It’s true. Not many businesses take the user into consideration when building out their product, they do what they think the user wants, without any sort of user research. As someone who has experienced this first hand, I know how devastating not taking users into consideration can be.

So what does Marketing Examples do right?

Newsletter Placement

If you have ever visited blog websites, you know how painful they can be. Constantly being bombarded with newsletter popups, forms on every. single. page. The list goes on.

newsletter ux design

There are 2 fixed places for the newsletter form in Marketing Examples. One in the sticky top navigation bar. And another at the end of every article. Both of these positions are unobtrusive and quite frankly, well placed. I imagine if you are someone who is into Marketing, the well-written content is going to make you want to read more and more case studies, after having a read a few, you will most likely be thinking:

‘This guy know what he’s talking about, this could come in handy some day’.

And then you enter your e-mail address.

Ad Placements

ad placement ux design

The way this blog is laid out makes the ad placement feel, you got it, unobtrusive. Unobtrusive is starting to be a pattern in this blog. Whether you’re on mobile or desktop, ads are placed in a way that you can just completely ignore. No ugly banners, just a dedicated slot for each ad as you scroll through the infinite scrolling content. There’s also a dedicated section at the end of each article that’s all about the sponsor of the website. This goes hand-in-hand with good content, if the content is good enough, you are more than likely going to be reaching the end of the post.

Good Copy

Honestly, just go read one of the articles. The copy flows so well, it’s concise, and it hooks you. Here’s an article Harry wrote about copy that you may enjoy.

To conclude things, Marketing Example is a great example of good UX design for a blog. It’s unobtrusive, it hooks you, and it entertains you. Make sure to follow designtarget on Twitter if you’d like to be updated when a new article is released, or subscribe to the newsletter.

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