Mixkit – Royalty Free Videos and Illustrations

Royalty free videos and illustrations are far and few between, and Envato is without a doubt full of resources, be it illustrations or otherwise, that literally fits everyone’s needs. Unfortunately, not everyone has the money to pay for some of their more premium resources, that’s where Mixkit comes in play. They provide lots of royalty free videos and illustration resources ranging from abstract art to videos. It is always a pain trying to find videos and art to use in your mock ups, but it’s now easier than ever.

You can even contribute your own royalty free videos and illustrations to the website. The process is fairly simple, you just click on ‘contribute’ found in the navigation bar and then just fill out a simple form. The team will then review the content you have submitted, if the content matches their standards, congratulations, you have contributed to their website.

This is specifically helpful if you are an aspiring designer and looking for your first junior role. Contributing is a big addition to your resume as a designer since a big part of it is just your portfolio.

royalty free videos and illustrations website mixkit
Landing page

The website is easy to access and will more than likely have all the resources you need. If this doesn’t seem to fit your needs, check out our other article on unDraw. Check them out and let us know what you think in the comments!

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