Great Website Mockup Tools for UI/UX Designers (2019)

Getting a mock up ready for your clients is as important as any other stage of the UX process. You are simply showcasing the client the bare bones, or structure, of the product. Why does it matter? Well, it will save a lot of time and money. You get to agree on the very basic structure of the website, and then move on to designing. We have gathered 5 great website mockup tools to help you.

Website Mockup Tools List

1. Marvel

Our personal favorite is Marvel. It offers the whole package. From wireframing all the way down to collaboration and user testing. There are a lot of mockup tools out there, but this one’s user interface is so simple and easy to use that it’s sort of hard to not want to try it out. You can try out their free plan for 1 project to get a feel for the tool, and see whether you like it or not.

Free Plan: 1 user, 1 project.

Paid Plans: From $12 a month, up to $84.

2. Moqups

Moqups is an online mockup, wireframing, and UI tool. Meaning you can access right through your browser instead of having to download an application. Similar to Marvel, it provides a very easy to navigate interface.

Free Plan: Sign up on their website for free to try out the tool. No credit cards required.

Paid Plans: From $13 per month up to $20 per month with enterprise plans available.

3. Adobe XD

website mockup tool #3

Continuously being updated, Adobe XD is steadily rising to become the number one wireframing tool. There are a lot of bugs but they are still being sorted through, but they are so minor we are willing to overlook them because how fast and simple Adobe XD is.

Free Plan: 1 active shared prototype, 1 active shared design spec. Adobe Fonts Free, 2 GB of cloud storage.

Paid Plans: From $9.99 per month per user to $22.99 per month per user.

4. InVision Studio

website mockup tool #4

For Windows, we believe one of the best automated prototyping tool is InVision Studio. The animations are very well done and comes with a lot of options to customize them in the included timeline.

Free Plan: 1 prototype.

Paid Plans: From $20.00 a month to $99.00 a month.

5. MockFlow

website mockup tool #5

We love the integrated style guides in MockFlow. You get to document your process but in a neat and simple way. It also auto generates these documents for you, but as with anything autonomous, it’s a little bit fidgety.

Free Plan: 1 UI Project, 2 reviewers per project, app limitations, self-support. We are not entirely sure why they would list the last 2 as features, but they have.

Paid Plans: From $14.00 a month up to $89.00 a month.


These website mockup tools are all great, and we recommend you give them a try. To make your process even smoother, you can check out our other resources such as fonts, illustrations, and much more!

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